Rv’ing at Lake Ft Smith @ARStatePark

Most RV sites were taken by the time I got around to making our reservations. Site #25 was open and was just long enough for the @Winnebago FUSE. The RV sites in this park are spacious, well maintained, have Fire pits, Grills, Picnic table, and a pad for a tent. The Park Rangers would drive by often during the day, which we liked!

When we went to hookup, the circuit breaker switch on our site was broken, so we had an opportunity to meet the Park Maintenance crew,  The crew arrived in 5-minutes, were very friendly and eager to make our stay enjoyable!

Site #25 Notice the space!

Driving from Oklahoma, we ran into a huge storm in Western Arkansas and pulled off at a truck stop to wait out the storm. Being self contained we had a fun lunch while sitting and listening to the rain.

We arrived at the park around 3PM. The park has 20 Class AAA Campsites sites with full hookups and 10 Class B sites with Water/electric only. We had one of the Class B sites.  There are at least two large Bath Houses with very clean restrooms and showers, a community pool, and a real nice Visitor Center!

Visitor Center

After getting the RV setup, we decided to get some hiking in before it got dark, We rounded up our gear and took off for our first hike in the park. The map we picked up at the visitor center had a trail head marked at the end of the RV loop we were on.

We decided to follow the Shepherd Springs Loop. Half of the loop is the Ozark Highlands Trail. There are some nice overlook points on the Shepherd Springs Loop. This time of year there are lots of magnificent sights to take in while hiking. What was neat is that on some of the lookouts you had to work your way through the trees to get a closer look of the view down below.


The peace and quite along the trail is absolutely amazing! We stopped every 1/2 mile to drink some water and take in the beauty surrounding us.

As we made our way along the twisting trail one of the things you notice is how quite the woods are. Walking along a trail with only the sound of wind, birds, and your footsteps as you hike up and down the well marked trails is wonderful. One thing that stands out is how little the trails are used as you get further into the woods.


There are many different trails which converge, we followed the Blue Trail markers and estimated we would connect with the next trail about 2.5 miles out.


We so much enjoyed the peacefulness of the trail that we missed our turn. After awhile our Garmin watch indicated we had gone 3 miles. Since it was getting towards dusk, we decided to turn back. With the sun setting, the woods became alive with fresh noises of nature. When you combine the “chattering” of insects, a gentle tree breeze, with a mild temperature drop, the return trip to our RV was a whole new sensory adventure.

This is one park we would definitely return too. In fact next time we plan to setup our  photography equipment and capture the streaming Sun rays through the trees, and the way shadows fall along the different surfaces.

So, if you get a chance to visit this park, take some time to listen to a talk by Park Interpreter “Porshe”!