Installed A New Coleman Air Vent Cover in the @Winnebago FUSE 23T

This week I installed the vent cover from the Coleman Machine 9430D7153 Btm Discharge Free Delv.c in our @Winnebago FUSE 23T.  This item is sometimes referred to as the Chill Grille Ceiling Assembly 9430D7153. I bought ours from Amazon.

My reason for the vent cover change was to circulate more downward air flow through the Down Vents to cool the RV faster. After putting in the new vent cover, I didn’t notice any significant reduction in air vent noise, but I did feel the air circulating more.


As for the vent noise when sleeping, the FUSE 23T has a main bedroom in the back slide-out with a curtain, so noise from the vent is not as loud back there.  We try to use the Fantastic Fan more and open the windows at night letting the fan pull the air through.


Installing the vent cover was simple. On the sides are two rectangle filter covers, unclip these and remove the two air filters. Then you will see two screws on each side, remove the four screws and the vent cover adjustment knobs (these just pull off). Make sure you hold on to the vent cover. Reverse the steps to put the new vent cover on.

Vent Area

The Coleman Machine kit came with a replacement motor in case we needed it later. We are very happy with the way the new vent cover distributes the air flow downward as well as along the ceiling. Maybe @Winnebago will consider a similar vent cover as standard equipment.

At the time I bought this vent kit there was only one 2-star review of the product, and that person stated “I only gave it two stars now as I have no idea what I have to do to get this installed”, so I will be posting a better review on Amazon.

Safe Travels, hope we see you on the road!