@TPWDparks Texas Safety Rest Stops – Awesome!

Recently while traveling through Texas in our RV, we had an opportunity to stop at a Rest/Visitor area which was designed like a festive pavilion. Inside, the building was spacious, clean, and staffed with very friendly people, not something you experience everyday. We learned this was one of many future designs for Texas Safety Rest Stops.

In Texas, these new, or remodeled, Safety Rest Areas are designed with you the traveler, your family, and your safety in mind. Stealing words from their website….”Each of the state’s 80 Safety Rest Areas feature restrooms that are open 24 hours daily. Most of these rest areas have attendants on duty 24 hours a day. The remaining facilities have attendants on duty from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. daily”. They have/are…..

  • Air-conditioned and heated restrooms, as well as an assisted-use restroom
  • Larger parking areas, with separated areas for cars and commercial trucks
  • Information areas for weather and road conditions, maps, traffic-safety and upcoming regional events
  • Office space for law-enforcement personnel
  • Enhanced security, including surveillance cameras
  • Tornado shelters
  • Walking and interpretive trails
  • Play areas for kids
  • Open area for pets to stretch (strict leash laws enforced)
  • No tents allowed

As a side note, we are very impressed with the Texas Park system ( @TPWDparks ), and now with the growing number of Texas Department of Transportation’s  ( @TxDOT  ) Safety Rest Stops it makes traveling within Texas that much better. This year we have several trips planned to stay in Texas parks. So it only made sense to purchased an annual park pass ($70.00), besides we get 1/2 off the second night at any of the State Parks and we can use this discount 4-times.

For us, it is really nice to go to a State Park staffed by helpful and friendly people, patrolled by State Police, and stay in a park which actually enforces leash laws, and “Pet Clean Up”. And now there is the added benefit of stopping in modern, spacious Safety Rest Areas along the way!

So if your travels take you to Texas, and you are in need of a rest stop, take time to look at the map to find a strategic resting location for one of these Safety areas staffed with friendly people who are actually glad to see you! Tell them Dave sent you. Then watch them give you a puzzling look. LOL

See you on the road!