NEW FUSE 23T Missing Items

When we picked up our @Winnebago FUSE 23T (from McClain’s RV in OKC) it was missing the Hitch cover. Something we had to point out to the Dealership. The dealership mentioned had we not noticed the missing cover when we drove off, it would have been difficult to “prove” we did not lose it on the way home. That would have been disappointing! HitchCover

The following other parts were missing.  Blue Hose for black water, Shade Covers for front cab area. Also missing, which the Dealership insisted did NOT come with the FUSE, (Wheel Cover removal tool), until I called Winnebago.

Make sure you check your new RV for missing items, video record the walk through, take notes, and do your research before you purchase so you know what to look for. Do not rely on the dealership to be familiar with their product.

Most of the missing items have been replaced by @Winnebago. The Hitch Cover takes 4-5 weeks to get.



2 thoughts on “NEW FUSE 23T Missing Items

  1. I don’t think it’s a DEF funnel, but a diesel fill adapter if you have to fill at a truck stop that only has the bigger hose nozzles. Good work, holding their feet to the fire!


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