Repairs-Fixes-Adjustments so far

After picking up our 2017 FUSE 23T in April. We have had some warranty work done, some adjustments made, and fixed a few things.

The first fix was having to order the rear Hitch Cover Plate. For some reason ours was missing when we picked it up. Takes Winnebago 4+ weeks to ship the part to OKC. PENDING

Next was the missing inside shade covers. The front windshield has two (right and left) which slide into place. The door shades each have two small magnets which cling on to the door window frame. Update: New shades delivered

Also, we were missing the “Blue Hose” for black water draining. Update: New hose delivered

The Door Closer on the side entry door came apart and has to be replaced. Update: Replaced

There are three running lights on top which have to be replaced because they have moisture in them: Update: Replaced

The Heating Blanket over the holding tanks were missing. Update: New pads installed

Air Conditioner needs to be replaced. PENDING

Drivers side Dash Vent does not blow air. This needs to be fixed by Ford. PENDNG